Saturday, February 5, 2011


You are seriously into mountain-climbing. You've become an EXTREME Mountain-climber who jumps off of mountains and uses all type of high-tech gear to scale the highest peaks. You have several videos on youtube showing your stunts and close calls with death. You have once again jumped off a mountain and are now gliding through the air… but something goes wrong. You lose control and are now plummeting to your death. So many things go through your mind, so many regrets, so many people you will never see again. Out of nowhere, you are grabbed by a man with wings. He flies you to the nearest perch and explains that he saw you and couldn't help but save you. You explain how grateful you are and how interested you are in his wings. He tells you a long story about how he got them and after some hours explains how you can get them too. At once you want them but he says there is a catch… "Ever since I got these wings... I get raped by eagles... a lot… like all the time." Do you still want the wings? You will get raped by eagles.

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