Saturday, March 19, 2011

House Votes to Cut Funding for Sesame Street

Just click the link above and sign up! It will give you the option of sending a message... may I suggest writing your own or cutting and pasting the simple message below:

Dear Senators,
I understand the nature of emergencies and cutting funding, but not at the expense of such exceptional programming. In harsh economic times we have to look everywhere for ways to save money, I agree. But these aren't just tv shows and radio programs. These are invaluable tools for education and inspiration; incredible resources for young minds too often distracted with cell phones, the Jersey Shore, and all the other trappings that exist in the sometimes shallow culture offered to young people in America today. When the costs of funding are so low why must the price we pay be so dear? America has to understand the nature of what it has to offer; itself and the children of today and tomorrow. Can't we find a way to save some money without taking away Big Bird? If Sesame Street didn't help teach you or someone you know how to read, then you are too out of touch to be involved in this vote (and perhaps any other vote concerning the future of this country).

Thank you for your time,

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