Friday, August 14, 2009

The Lost Journals of David Greivington

My name is David Greivington. I came to the dark continent seeking god and adventure. I found both. I've been traveling on my own for what I believe has been three nights. I passed out several times from blood loss coupled with no food or water. I should correct that statement. Thought to have been consumed by wild cannibals, I abandoned all notions that the missionaries I was traveling with could still be alive. Days turned to weeks; I prayed for death. Why? Why them? Why not me? Why didn't those jackals eat me? I'm a good looking guy. Is it how I dress? Is it how I dress damn you?! I guess mother was right! No man wants to come near me, why would an african savage be any different! Oh I'm never getting married!"
- David Greivington, June, 1873

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