Friday, February 4, 2011


Really just big oversized alternatives to cats. I don't like that it's better at begging for food than I am. But you can train them not to? LIAR. If you could train all these dogs not to do it then why does it fucking happen?

And if it were the streets... I just bet people would sooner feed, wash, clothe, and medically inoculate that dog before they would a person. Maybe not in Japan or China or wherever... but in this country "working like a dog" doesn't mean shit because most people LOVE dogs. Why do I feel this way? Because it's how I feel about dogs and I don't love them half as much as most people I meet. Most people I meet flip over them.

Also, please don't talk to me about animal cruelty. There's never been a dog holocaust. Or dog on dog terrorism. YET.

Don't get me wrong. I love dogs. The point is you can't help it! But I'm trying to get over it.

PS: The homeless dog is so freaking great. I love that dog and want to give it a hug. Think of a homeless person you feel that way about. There are people out there who would give their left nut for that dog. The guy next to the dog? I haven't looked at the picture in more than 30 seconds and I already forgot whether he's white, black, or whatever. He's just a guy next to an amazing dog with fur the color of butterscotch. Oh! That's what I'd name him. Butterscotch.

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