Saturday, February 5, 2011

Artistic Movement

You are in a very expensive lounge but you are not enjoying yourself. You have just taken a gigantic dump in their very nice bathroom only to find the toilet completely nonfunctional. You are waiting in misery for someone to discover what you have left behind. You finally see a tall european man stalking out of the bathroom towards the center of the lounge. He stands on the table and proceeds to make the following announcement, " Hello, my name is Andres Guitiea . If you have not heard of me, google me and you will find that I am one of the most famous and wealthy artists of the 21st century. I am looking for the person who just pooped in the bathroom. I have been using bowel movements in my art for two decades and never have I seen such a masterpiece of fecal matter. I will pay ten thousand for the bowel movement. I will also pay for additional movements. Please come forward my caca muse." Immediately someone else comes forward claiming your poop as their own. Do you take issue?

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