Saturday, July 18, 2009

Leave it to DVR

It's summer time, the days are getting longer, the nights are getting hotter and jesus christ there is NOTHING on television! I think I spend more time searching for things to DVR then I do watching the programs I record. Is anyone watching anything worth watching?


This is what's on my DVR:
It's one of those shows where when you have them in front of you it's hard to pick out one to watch, but if you just had one in front of you, you'd watch it in a second the whole way through. And now there's a place that does that for you. So please, do yourself a favor, check out and just hit random!
  • 7 The State episodes (Think you're a fan of Wet Hot American summer? Well if you don't know about this show you're a complete poser bro.)
  • 6 The Tonight Show episodes
  • 1 The Young and The Restless episodes (it's Tamara's)
  • 6 Two and a Half Men episodes (none of which I plan on watching)
  • 1 Wrong Door episode (has something all skit shows lack, an amazing grasp on special effects)
Well that's what I'm watching these days. What's on your DVR list Marcketeers?

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  1. I cant say ive had the privledg of DVRing however i do watch Two and a Half Men fairly frequently due to its duble showings of 7 and 11 everry day on chanel 11 in scotch plains.


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